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Een van mijn favoriete websites voor het volgen van online cursussen. Hun gemeenschap is enorm en het aanbod van online cursussen is perfect. Hoewel de meeste cursussen gratis zijn, moet je er rekening mee houden dat je een klein bedrag moet betalen om een ​​cursuscertificaat te ontvangen.
Margette Dellapina

1. Why did you choose this learning event?I chose Learning Basic Spanish on Alison because it has been over 7 years since I took a Spanish class. 2. What were the objectives of the lesson/class?The objectives of the class were to learn the numbers of Spanish, the months, the days of the week, and how to greet/depart conversations. 3. How was the instruction delivered? In person? Online? In print?It was delivered online through power-point style presentations with videos mixed between the text. It also contained English to Spanish charts with translations. 4. Was the delivery method appropriate for achieving the objectives?Yes I believe the method for teaching newcomers to Spanish was appropriate. 5. What materials were used? Were they effective?I believe the English to Spanish charts that were provided were very effective for helping the learner achieve the goal.6. What activities were used? Were they effective?The only activity that was used was an assessment at the end of the module. I believe the test was effective for measuring the success of the learners. 7. Did you meet the learning objectives? Why or why not?I met the objectives because I aced the after learning assessment.8. Did this learning event meet your expectations? Why or why not?Yes because I believe it was accurate for what I was expecting from an online course. 9. What would you change to improve this learning experience if you had designed it?I would've put more interactive activities to help the learner stay engaged in the information. 10. How did participation in this learning event affect your perceptions of instructional design?This event helped me lock down my idea of what I would want to do in designing a course of my own.
Vikky Pulgarin

Had to pay for my certificate with no warning until completed 4 hour course. The course itself was of low standard made on powerpoint and was expected to pay 20 euros for the pdf certificate.
Rebekah Vineeta

Seems like some kind of general knowledge certificate mill to me. I took the basic accounting (can't be bothered to remember the title) the same information would be summed up in the chapter introductions of any accounting textbook. The exam is multiple choice with most questions having obvious answers. Then they want at least €21 for a certificate that you took the course. Would be a better learning experience to just by yourself certificate printing software and make your own up.
Wood Hazelett

Ontdekt deze fantastische educatieve website. Als je je vaardigheden gratis wilt bijwerken in het comfort van je huis, levert Alison! Ingeschreven voor de webontwerpcursussen ontworpen door Chris Farrell No1 Internet Marketing Service Provider.Wat een geweldige service voor studenten wereldwijd om hun cv te leren en op te bouwen.Great!
Abramson Racanelli

After working my way partway through the Project Management course, I realized it was a complete waste of time. I finished the course materials out of pure stubbornness.According to their own website, the original publisher had aimed these courses at high school students. The publisher is XSIQ.The information is outdated. The 2017 'revision' seems to have been comprised of changing out some of the CRT monitors on some but not all of the slides. The course appears to have been developed in 2001. There is a lot of talk about how difficult it is to implement an online store, a monthly newsletter, and trying to get people to purchase compact discs. Triple facepalm.I can't speak to the rest of their content, but if it's anything like this course, don't waste your time. I would have been better off spending 4 hours googling GANNT charts, Critical Path Method, and Pert Charts, rather than spending 4 hrs winding my way through a very contrived and seemingly autobiographical account of project managing an online music I see you do read this page and respond to comments. If you see this comment, just take that course down. It's an embarrassment, and truly not fixable.

Site is faulty .i had to Amass a certain amount of hours learning from the courses available spent days and countless hours only to find the dashboard time recorder wasn’t logging my time. Absolute joke.
Barthel Encino

i cant see why people are complaining that they have to pay for a certificate when you are being given free courses. i find the courses pretty good.

Het is een geweldige website om zoveel cursussen gratis te leren en je kunt een diploma behalen na succesvolle afronding van je cursussen. Advertenties irriteren je, anders is het echt een geweldige plek om te leren, ik heb er echt van genoten. Studeer, leer, verbeter en certificeer gratis in uw eigen tempo met meer dan 1000 gratis online cursussen op certificaat- en diploma-niveau.
Sible Renburg

A complete waste of my time. I was under the impression it was completely free. When finished I was asked to pay for my certificate. I have read you can get a report for the course you did. This is also no use and not worth printing. Won't be using or recommending you.
Johnson Yasika

Currently completing a course with this website and I’ve found it easy and convenient to learn compared to doing a course at a college or adult learning centres as you can learn at your own pace. You are also given medals for a specific number of hours and days in a row that you progress within your course to help motivate you. There are a whole range of courses on offer all free of charge and all covering a number of areas from maths to business and health so anyone can further their career prospects with an extra qualification.The only bad thing I have to say about this website is that the dashboard isn’t always the same and personalised to the courses you are interested in or want to do as if you click on dashboard more than once it always changes when it should stay the same.
Aurie Falk

Course itself was interesting and enjoyable. I was under the impression it was a FREE diploma in Mental Health however I would have to pay £50 to receive a downloadable certificate. This was not make clear before I began studying - you can imagine the frustration after 3 days of studying the materials and taking assessments to not gain proof of my academic achievement.Thank you for your response - this does make me feel alot better about your service and I do not feel like my time was wasted. Thank you for your help

Hi my name is Rod and I recently took the diploma in legal studies course through Alison Online, I have previously studied law, philosophy, economics and psychology through other institutions and at home with the view to establish links between them, however I didn't take the oath of allegiance upon completion of previous studies into law.I took this course offered by Alison mostly out of curiosity and completed it in a couple of weeks, that being said I had to keep in mind that the course is designed for people with little or no understanding and knowledge of law and are not time restricted meaning you can truly learn at your own pace in your own time.I also found it to be rather well presented and informative for the layman to get a basic understanding of the legal structures, processes, procedures, and gave good insight into SCaTs (Specialist Courts and Tribunals).This course served as a good refresher course for me and would serve well as an introductory course into law for anyone wanting to start their studies into law. Although there are many who claim the courses are not accredited or worth the time, and this may be true from their perspective of them, the point is that these courses show that the student is willing to take the initiative to advance their learning and knowledge base on their own.Whether or not the course completion information is accredited or recognized by major learning institutions or employers, the fact remains that the student went out of there way to learn for themselves.Take pride in your journey, relish in the accomplishment of your achievements whether or not anyone else chooses to recognize them, and above all expand your knowledge base, skill sets and experience to further yourself in whatever field you have chosen advance in. "The greatest teacher you ever had was yourself, others showed you what to do, but it was you that taught yourself how to do it" -Me "Practise does not make for perfection, there is no such thing, practise is you teaching yourself" -Me.Thank You for taking the time to peruse this review, and thank you for being brave enough to take the leap into advancing yourself.SPES EST VIGILANTIS SOMNIUM, DUM SPIRO SPERO.Hope is the dream of the vigilant, whilst I breath, I hope.
Bonine Slagowski

Just another online money sapping con, you sign up for a free course and then you are bombarded by ads. I couldn’t even find access to the course materials. Far better to just pay up front for a properly certified course with a recognised training organisation. I should have known better

Ik hou van Alison. Honderden natuurlijk en allemaal gratis! Ik heb daar zoveel geleerd dat ze op zoek moeten naar een verlaging van mijn salaris! Jobpromotie kwam als direct gevolg van het doen van een reeks van hun lessen.

Tried to do their Diploma in Maths but none of the quizzes work, there are mistakes in their answers, topics are in the wrong modules. People have left numerous comments under the modules about the issues but they don't seem to fix anything. Very poor.

So I was sent to this website by my local job centre to improve my skills, *laughs to self.I have 8 years managerial experience but I'm obviously being to picky over where I work. (No, I'm being pushed aside for wanting proper pay when a lesser experienced person will do it for min wage).The courses are good, and I have done circa. 15 hours studying and obtained 4 diploma certificates. No they aren't accredited which is a shame, but then for 20 Euros and 15 hours I didn't expect them to be.There are other companies which offer accredited courses for which after the first 4 weeks they will want you to pay to continue learning, also their courses are time managed, unlike Alison where I can sit and learn as much or as little as I want.All in all a good tool for brushing up on skills.The certificates also look good dotted around the office at home, gives a bit of bragging rights haha.

I have cleared all assesments & read half of the modules but there is no green tick which i have completed. & why my certificate is not generated??

My name is Peter Shved. I'm Canadian. Graduated from Alison in Legal Studies Diploma. Its great and up to date professional education. And , what is very important- financially affordable.

My name is Linda M. Albarado. I found out that Alison has the most updated video courses and practical assessments. I definitely recommend Alison, to learn new skills and to update any previous acquired skills.Alison courses provide specific and relevant knowledge.

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